Set designer Tristam Steinberg’s work is fueled by the desire to explore and discover the commonalities between modern and classic, future and retro, all while respecting and understanding his client’s needs. With a degree in architecture from Cornell, Tristam brings a structural eye and sophistication to each of his projects, whether it be a photo shoot, a private interior design, commercial, or event.

Born and bred in New York City, Tristam is continually inspired and re-inspired by the architecture and energy of the Big Apple, and he uses his skills and creativity to bring his clients’ visions to life. Splitting his time equally in Los Angeles, he is able to bring additional facets to his designs.

Having worked on editorial shoots for Vanity Fair, Vogue, ELLE, Glamour UK, BOX, Kurve, on advertising campaigns for such companies as Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Elizabeth Arden, Nic & Zoe, Juicy Couture, AVON, H&M, Amazon Water, Donna Karan, Guess, Kira Plastinina, BMW, and L’Oreal, and with photographers including David Bellemere, Russell James, Greg Kadel, Nico, Anne Menke, Patrick Demarchelier, Kenneth Willardt, Tristam is passionate about what he does and looks at each new client as an opportunity to create an all-encompassing visual experience.